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We provide 3 different plans for your choice: A) Regular Plan, B) Value-added Plan, C) Tailor-made Plan
我們提供三種計劃給閣下選擇:A) 基本計劃、B) 增值計劃、C) 度身定制計劃
A)REGULAR PLAN 基本計劃 (HK$800)


1) E-cards Content

E-cards include animation and sound, can be viewed by any devices from computer and mobile. The e-card display will be valid for the specified promotional period to view.

Choose one of the display modes to display:
A) Full Size Display, or
B) Upper Part Display (animation only)

You can personalise the e-cards by the login account:

  • For upper part, edit Company name and website address
  • For lower part, company greetings word and messages, upload one logo or image, additional information,and change color background and words

You can not change:

  • Background music
  • Animation greeting, color and font type at upper part

1) 賀卡內容


A) 全卡顯示,或
B) 上半部分(只包含動畫)


  • 於上半部分,可編寫公司名稱和網站地址
  • 於下半部分,可編寫該公司歡迎詞和信息、一個公司標誌或圖像、額外資料、網址、更改背景及字顏色


  • 背景音樂
  • 上半部分的動畫問候、顏色或字款
A) Full Size Display 全賀卡顯示

B) Upper Part Display 上部份賀卡顯示

2) E-mail Template File

You can edit the e-mail template at Login Account, after confirm the editing, collect the email template file to send out from your own computer appilcation (Outlook or etc).

The send out quota from your computer is unlimited.

The e-cards image hyperlink to your animated e-card content, receiver can click to open and view it during the specified promotional period.

You can personalise the content on the email template:

  • e-mail subject, salutation, closing
  • save one standard e-mail content (it can be changed in another version from your send out application)

2) 賀卡郵件檔案





  • 電子郵件主題,稱呼,結語
  • 可存儲一個標準的電子郵件內容(日後您可在發送應用程序中自行修改及儲存不同版本)

Other Plans 其它計劃


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